• New Website Launched

    New Website Launched

    Tuesday, 12 April 2022
    Weve recently launched our new website.Business First Associates provide strategies to help your business reach its true potential, methodologies Frameworks to manage evolving businesses and frameworks for Management Buyouts, Business Succession Trade Sale.The site was designed and developed by Kyber Digital based in Gilford....
  • Why We All Need to Champion Female Entrepreneurs

    Why We All Need to Champion Female Entrepreneurs

    Monday, 7 March 2022
    The UK is a hot bed of entrepreneurs.British entrepreneurs have been household names and celebrated across the globe for decades. From Branson to Dyson and the youngest ever Dragon to recently join the Den, the Happy Sexy Millionaire, Steven Bartlett.Our competitive tax laws, business friendly regulations, talented, creative workforce and dynamic financial markets make the UK a great place to start and do business in.Yet, despite being one of the countries considered most favourable to entrepren...
  • Don’t Confuse Purpose with Goals

    Don’t Confuse Purpose with Goals

    Thursday, 24 February 2022
    How easily can you answer this: why did you get up this morning?Its not meant to be depressing, annoying or inferring that religion is the answer, although maybe it is!However you feel about this question it gets all of us thinking about a topic thats as relevant in business as it is to the rest of our livespurpose.There will be those who can answer that question easily youll probably do more with your day. Youll probably find decision making easier, have clarity around your day to day activiti...
  • Stages – The Business Lifecycle in Emotions

    Stages – The Business Lifecycle in Emotions

    Wednesday, 2 February 2022
    The business lifecycle is not based on revenue, profit or employee numbers. Its based on emotions.At start-up things are exciting. With some success this moves on to frantic. From there, investment in further growth leads to getting through your 1st brick wall and receiving payback, commercially and culturally. Great news!Unfortunately, the euphoria of payback doesnt last. You may be distracted by your new, more affluent lifestyle. However the business has built its own growth momentum, and payb...
  • Getting to Your Customer Base

    Getting to Your Customer Base

    Wednesday, 26 January 2022
    The most successful companies have an acute understanding of the power of channels to market, a subject that forms the basis of our Distribution framework. Essentially its about understanding the many different routes that your business can take its product or service to potential customers.On the face of it, knowing how many channels to market your business has should be a relatively simple and consistent fact that anyone on the board can answer. However, our coaches report that this is rarely ...
  • The Three Things Leaders Should Do

    The Three Things Leaders Should Do

    Tuesday, 18 January 2022
    Step away from the clichs.Stop trying to absorb the newest leadership fads. Youll never blend these ideas into a strategy that will, somehow or other, power your business forward.The reality is the best leaders only do three things: * Set the context * Manage the energy * Coach, dont playSet the contextBuild a sustainable culture. This is really important right now. Those that keep the focus on their organisations sense of purpose and direction are successful. Its about creating a common purp...

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